This week on Brika, I was so happy to discover the beautiful work of stationer Kristen Ley of Thimblepress. There’s so much to love in her shop, but what really caught my eye was this great DIY kit for your next baby shower. 

it's a girl DIY banner kit by Thimblepress | cool mom picks


The DIY It’s a girl banner is so much fun. You can color it in yourself or make it as a creative activity with the other guests at the shower.  There’s also one for baby boys, and a gender neutral “celebrate” banner that’s cute for any occasion, really. 

diy it's a boy banner by Thimblepress | cool mom picks

celebrate banner | cool mom picks

Look around the collection of her work on Brika right  now and find  nice discounts on her beautiful notepads, prints, letterpress coasters, and stationery. There’s a whole lot here to celebrate. –Liz

Get great deals on Thimblepress handmade stationery and printed goods at Brika, or visit her Thimblepress Etsy Shop.