I’ve been seeing many bleary-eyed kids and parents as we get used to the back-to-school routine of early mornings, marathon homework sessions, and after-school activities.

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Fortunately, one of our favorite kindie punk rock bands, Boogers, has released another fast-paced, pump-up-the-volume CD that will get the adrenaline flowing and give you all a second wind. 

At only 23 minutes in length, Extractum Victoris is the perfect length when you’re all ready to take a break from math homework, or embark on another cross-town drive to soccer practice. And if you will forever carry a torch for bands like The Ramones and The Clash, you’ll feel right at home as soon as the first few notes blare out of your speakers.

Songs like It’s A Sunny Day, Gimmee Some Pancakes, and Psychobaby are heavy on kick-butt drums and rocking guitars. And I love the vocals, which don’t sound watered down or cutesy for kids at all. One note of warning for the squeamish: Boogers on the Wall may be a little TOO descriptive, though my kids think it’s hilarious. 

Even covers like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone, whose lyrics have been totally rewritten, get punkified. And our recent patriotic pick on Cool Mom Tech blazes along on this release too.

But it wouldn’t be a punk rock CD without a little social commentary, as in The Self-Esteem Movement Let Me Down about our “Everyone gets a trophy!” society.

The closing song, Pandas Are Dangerous, is hilariously ridiculous. It reminds us that–although this music is the real deal–Boogers will always be ready to get silly with the kids. And that’s why we love them. –Christina

“Pick” Extractum Victoris by Boogers at our affiliate Amazon


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