Because I have a thing for typographical art, I’m geeking out over the typography shop online at Fab right now.

you can do a lot in a day embroidery art | cool mom picks


There’s so much cool stuff to see right now, from prints of the litograph book shirts we recently featured, to lots of cool tees and artwork. But the thing that really grabbed my eye is this You Can Do A Lot In A Day embroidery hoop art. Not to play too much into the whole “women can do it all” thing that drives us all crazy–but at least for me, it’s a nice reminder that if I spend a little less time on iPhone games or Bravo reruns, I really can do something I’ll feel great about. 

Besides passing level 135 on Candy Crush by the way. Which really does offer its own pathetic level of fulfillment. –Liz

Visit the typography shop at Fab, and if you need an invitation link to join, click this link to use ours