Two years in a row, I fell prey to a starry-eyed child who’d discovered the World’s Most Perfect Backpack while shopping for school supplies. By October, it had a broken zipper, ripped netting, and a bum wheel. Nice.

This year I wised up and found a personalized backpack that’s built to last but still respects her rock-star style. And now we’re both happy. And that really rocks.

Psychobaby custom backpack | Cool Mom Picks

Our pals at Psychobaby really rock at making unique, custom apparel and accessories with a wholesome but slightly punky style, and these personalized backpacks are a logical progression for big kids.

The cool thing is that they’re sturdy, well-made, and loaded with pockets. My second-grader has room for everything she needs, and the gently curved and padded straps are so much more comfortable than the last cheapo backpack she went through last time. And, since it’s Psychobaby, they have tons of awesome designs from girlish and sweet, to punk, to sporty, to poppy, to totally gender neutral. And most styles can be customized with an initial or any other 10 characters, if you’re not into using your kid’s full name.

Psychobaby custom backpack | Cool Mom Picks

Psychobaby personalized bookbag | Cool Mom Picks

Cupcake backpack | Cool Mom Picks

Comic book bag | Cool Mom Picks

We have the one shown at top in pink and black skulls, but the motif is subtle enough that no one at school has mentioned it–unlike the pink streak dyed in her brown hair. Plus it can hold nine Geronimo Stilton books at one time. We checked. –Delilah

Find personalized (and unpersonalized) kids backpacks at Psychobaby.

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