My kids have always preferred “open-ended” coloring-and-activity books like Fotoplay! or Let’s Make Some Great Art over ones that ask them to just stay within the lines. So it’s no wonder they’re roaring for an imaginative new kids’ activity book that is monstrously fun…and just in time for writing spooky Halloween notes. 

My Monster Bubblewriter Book | Cool Mom Picks

My Monster Bubblewriter Book by London illustrator and designer Linda Scott shows kids how to make letters with monstrous personality like that of the patchwork Sock Monster, Gooey Brain Monster, or the Super Furry Dude. Sound weird? Oh, yes, it’s weird, but really fun for kids who like to take an idea and run with it.

My Monster Bubblewriter Book Super Furry Dude | Cool Mom Picks

But it’s not only about making letters. In My Monster Bubblewriter Book, they’ll be asked to create their own monsters, as well as write their own stories starring their favorite not-so-scary creatures.

My Monster Bubblewriter Book comic strip | Cool Mom Picks

At 144 pages, it will keep your little monster occupied while they wait for the day of trick-or-treating to arrive. Then you may find your own scary creature come to life: the “I want more candy now” monster. –Christina

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