We’ve all been there: You have a kid breathing like an angry bull gargling pond sludge, and you pick the silliest humidifier so they can get more than two hours of sleep. And then that frog stares at you until you find the mold and toss it.

Yeah, I’m not big on humidifiers. Until now, because this one is easy, elegant, natural, and doesn’t even need a plug.

The Mast humidifier available at Ippinka only through October 14 is the most elegant, simple humidifier I’ve ever seen. Made entirely of Japanese Cypress, it doesn’t require a plug, a charcoal filter, or creepy eyeballs. Just fill the reservoir every day, and the water will diffuse into the air from the thinly-sliced hiroki. Genius! And I’m also quite fond of the words antimicrobial and rot resistant.

Hiroki Mast humidifier | Cool Mom Picks

It’s pricey, starting at $99, but you’re getting a handcrafted and useful object lovely enough to be part of your decor. Plus: no frog. –Delilah

Order your Mast humidifier at Ippinka before October 14. You have to register first, but it’s free and quick. Delivery takes four to six weeks.