I’m pretty sure it’s a sign of adulthood when you start drooling over kitchen gadgets. So, hi, I guess I’m a grownup now. Because this pot is kind of turning me on.

Japanese Enamel Stock Pot | Cool Mom Picks


I can’t help but fawn over the Japanese white enamel cookware at Cool Mom Picks fav Poketo. The gorgeous white enamel stock pot designed by Tokyo-based designer Makoto Koizumi is so perfect for fall and winter cooking, with my chili, soup, and stew recipes just waiting on my Pinterest boards. Plus enamel is great for even heat distribution, and I love the non-stick properties. Just know that with white, the inside might not be white for long. 

And yes, it’s a splurge for sure, but considering how much I use my current, very tired stock pot, I’m certain this one will see many, many tasty dishes. Kristen

You can purchase this Japanese enamel stock pot (as well as other pieces from the collection) at Poketo.