The way we check our smoke detector batteries twice every year with the time change, I like the idea of replacing my children’s toothbrush at Halloween, or at least checking to see if it’s time. The ADA recommends you change brushes every 3-4 months, but I admit I often forget to think about it unless the bristles are worn down to mush.

With candy season upon us, here are 5 electric toothbrushes that can help make brushing more fun for kids.


Hello Kitty Firefly Toothbrush for Kids | Cool Mom Picks

We’re lucky that our dentist gives us a Firefly Light-Up Toothbrush every visit. My girls could spend hours (seriously) deciding between Superman, Angry Birds, and Hello Kitty. They’re lightweight with nice soft, small heads, and the flashing lights let them know when one minute of brushing is up. Provided they actually pay attention to it. The suction-cup bottom on some of them is a nice touch too.


Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Toothbrush | Cool Mom Picks

The Tooth Tunes Spin Brush from Arm & Hammer may drive you a bit batty with pop music each morning from Taio Cruz or the Black Eyed Peas, but your kids will love them. Mine are begging me for the One Direction brush which plays 2 minutes of That’s What Makes You Beautiful, and hey, if it helps them brush longer, I’m up for it.

Star Wars lightsaber toothbrush | Cool Mom Picks

Star Wars fans, or those in training, will love the GUM Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrushes each with 60 seconds of LED flashing lights. Plus? Lightsaber! What’s not to love? Time to brush your teeth, it is. Yes, errrhmmm.


GUM Crayola Marker Toothbrush | Cool Mom Picks

The GUM Crayola Marker toothbrush is a good basic electric toothbrush for kids–no lights or music–but kids will love it for the multi-colored bristles. Just make sure they don’t end up brushing their teeth with actual Crayola markers.


Sonicare kids' rechargeable electric toothbrush | Cool Mom Picks

If your kids are ready for a more serious, non-disposable electric toothbrush, check out the Philips Sonicare Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. It costs more than the others at $52.95 (, but comes with a ton of smart features, like increasing brushing time slowly over 90 days to get kids in the habit. There’s no music–which might be a benefit for you, if not your kids–plus you don’t have to replace the whole thing, just the brush head, making it more eco-friendly too.

And you have tweens or teens ready for a real toothbrush, check out the Sonicare Power Up Toothbrush, which I use myself. It comes at a nice, friendly $14.95. That should help stave off the damage from the $300 worth of candy corn I’ve been eating this week, huh?

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