Now that my oldest is hitting that early tween phase (eek) she’s becoming more interested in the lyrics to Call Me Maybe than I’d like. I don’t blame her entirely, but I need some great tween music for her to love that I can feel good about too, And I don’t mean YouTube sensation Friday

Brandi Carlile | Cool Mom Picks


We’ve loved kindie albums like The Jimmies’ Practically Ridiculous for a long time for hitting this sweet spot for our growing girls, but we’re thrilled to see our friend Jeff at Out With the Kids go even further, with a roundup of 9 bands that tweens will love–including one of our longtime favorites, Frances England

It’s a nice array of music we think you’ll like too (always a plus), including artists who are new to us.

So click over and you might just discover something new and wonderful that you can actually stand listening to over and over. With all due respect to Carly Rae Jepsen. –Liz

Visit Out With the Kids for 9 bands that tween girls will love.


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