Need a Halloween costume and don’t want to get stuck with the last Sexy Teletubby costume at the store? The good news is that with a little DIY cleverness, you might find the answer in your own closet. Or, we have an extra easy idea courtesy of a partnership between Rent the Runway and Etsy.  But you have to act fast!

Rent the Runway Halloween | Cool Mom Picks

In addition to getting designer dresses at a fraction of the cost, Rent the Runway just launched amazing, curated costume ideas using their available dresses– genius. Each costume includes a dress you can rent, and then you can check out the accessories they found on Etsy or make them yourself with a little DIY know-how. And what’s so cool is that since the costumes are based on actual, structured dresses instead of cheap, thin, badly made polyester costumes, you look fabulous but still Halloween-ready. And don’t end up with a freaky flammable thing in your closet for six years.

Saturn costume | Cool Mom Picks

Saturn: Galaxy leggings are available at Target or mall stores, add sparky tights, and you can make rings out of your kids’ hula hoops to go with this dress.

Pinata costume | Cool Mom Picks

Pinata: Almost any brightly colored dress that matches a grocery store pinata will do. Just don’t let your kids hit you with sticks.


Cookie Monster costume | Cool Mom Picks

Cookie Monster: Got a blue dress? Awesome. Grab some cookies and a blue hat or blue feathers and use ME as your favorite personal pronoun.

Khaleesi costume | Cool Mom Picks

Khaleesi from Game of Thrones: If you’re blonde and own a plastic dragon, Khaleesi is a great look. If not, any flowy blue, gray, or silver maxi dress will do. A cheap blonde wig will run around $12. Finding your own Khal, however, is priceless.

Kahlo costume | Cool Mom Picks

Frida Khalo: If you have dark hair and don’t mind rocking a unibrow drawn in eyebrow pencil, Frida Kahlo is a sophisticated but fun choice. A white sundress, any sort of bright pashmina or shawl, and flowers in your hair completes the look. Capuchin monkey and Diego Rivera sold separately.

Pool balls group costume | Cool Mom Picks

Pool Balls:  If you’ll be out with a big group or just a big family, all you need are solid colored dresses or sweatshirts and some paper to rock the pool ball look–or even those crayons at the top.  Yeah it’s an “easy” costume but as a group it’s pretty clever, and definitely fits the last-minute requirement to a tee. Remember, feeling good in your costume makes every Halloween better. And nobody wants to be remembered as the Sexy Whoopee Cushion. –Delilah See tons of last minute Halloween costume ideas on the Rent the Runway Halloween page. Click on any costume for a link to rent the dress and a link to accessory ideas on Etsy. Or, you know, plunder your closet and head to Michael’s.   And if you have an idea that includes a dress you don’t actually own, you can rent one for long enough to wow everybody at the party, then send it right back.   Click here for some great ideas with great dresses that require just a few accessories to look fabulous. Don’t you want a costume that doesn’t velcro up the back?