See ya, Halloween: We bid a fond farewell to pumpkins, goblins, and waaaay too much candy to celebrate today and tomorrow’s Latin American holiday Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is so cool, we love to celebrate it, even though we’re thousands of miles north of the border. One of our favorite decorations for “Dia de los Muertos” are the beautifully decorated, smiling skulls known as calaveras, unlike the grimacing visages of Halloween. And with this easy, creative, and free craft, you too can create your own version of this holiday with your kids this year.

These Day of the Dead printable masks can be turned into traditional-looking calaveras with markers, paint, crayons, glitter glue…any craft supplies you happen to have around the house.

Day of the Dead craft | Cool Mom Picks

Print the basic template on sturdy cardstock so the mask doesn’t flop around when it’s cut out, and tape or staple it to a craft stick. Then get ready to celebrate this interesting holiday in your own unique way. But don’t worry: That doesn’t include going door to door asking for more treats. Whew.

Print out the free template for the Day of the Dead masks at My Very Educated Mother. Also Spanglish Baby has great information, books, crafts, and recipes for this holiday as well.