Just because I don’t have a baby anymore doesn’t mean I can’t drool over cute felt booties like these handmade beauties.

handmade felt baby booties | cool mom picks

Each pair of these adorable baby booties is made by hand, using felt and soft wool to keep those sweet little toes warm all winter long. It’s tough to pick favorites from the vast collection, but I have to say, I’m in love with the slightly unfinished feel of the applique and seam stitching on all of them.

dragonfly baby booties | cool mom picks

rain cloud felt baby booties | cool mom picks

floral felt baby booties | cool mom picks

Moms of boys: I’m definitely seeing more girl-ish options, but that’s the beauty of Etsy. Just convo the artisan and see if she’ll do something special just for your son. Those rain cloud baby booties would look great in any color. Kristen

You can see all the sweet handmade felt baby booties at 7 Miles on Etsy. They ship from Lithuania, but shipping is pretty reasonable!

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