I love having a really nice camera built into my phone. I get to capture so many memories of my kids’ childhood that my mom didn’t because we only had twelve exposures on that roll of Polaroid film, so they had better be good ones! The only problem is that I now have thousands of photos on my computer, and not enough room on my walls to hang them all. What’s a mom to do?

Paper Culture is saving the day (or at least the decor) with their new eco-friendly wall clings. This company has been a favorite of ours, not only for their stationery but also for their wall art. And with their environmentally friendly production practices and the commitment to plant a tree with every purchase, how can we love them any more? Well, just recently they’ve added custom photo wall decals to their line in a huge variety of styles and they’re uh-maz-ing.

Paper Culture Superhero Photo Wall Decals | Cool Mom Picks

These custom decals are removable and repositionable. Read: they won’t tear all the paint off your walls. But it’s more than that–their special fabric blend contains no PVC or phthalates, unlike most vinyl decals. So you can rest easier when you find your toddler cuddled up in his crib, snuggling your wall decal photo of his dad.

Trust me, it can happen.

Paper Culture Photo Frame Wall Decal | Cool Mom Picks

Paper Culture Wall Calendar Decals | Cool Mom Picks

Paper Culture Monkey Wall Decal Photo Frame | Cool Mom Picks

I love that many of the designs are multi-piece so you can rearrange them any way you like. For me, I’m planning on filling that big upstairs wall with as many modern-vintage Polaroid snapshots as I can–finally getting those photos off my computer and out where we can see them. -Kate

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