I am always looking for fun ways to hang up pictures of the brood. Once I can convince my husband to help me arrange the pictures on the walls, they are pretty much up for good.

We are big fans of Paper Culture around here, and they have come up with a perfect solution to my problem….printing beautiful rich photos on bamboo!

It’s like my photographer and my ecologist got married and this is their delightfully sweet offspring.

I’ve got to tell you, the bamboo really catches your eye. It’s textured and beautiful and frames the kiddos so nicely. It definitely gives it a more sleek, modern look than canvas, and you can order different sizes for even more of a pop in a wall display. Grab your favorite family photo and make a sweet holiday gift for the grandparents, or keep it in mind for a really stunning baby shower gift. Or heck, just give your own wall of family photos some much-needed freshening up. All you need is a great photo to start with. Oh, and a leveler can’t hurt. -Eva

Bamboo wall art is available at Paper Culture.com. Prices range from $40.00-$200.00