Once you enter the land of American Girl, it’s not easy to come by real estate that can accommodate dolls of her stature. But we’ve found a doll house on the market that is just the right size for her and a couple of friends. And you won’t even need to take out a second mortgage to afford the closing costs.

This isn’t your regular little ol’ doll house with itty-bitty rooms. Our Generation’s Wooden Dollhouse is three-and-a-half feet tall and over three feet wide. Think of it as the McMansion of doll houses, minus the four-car garage. I know more than a few kids who would flip to find this set up under the Christmas tree. Or, more precisely, next to the Christmas tree…since this sucker isn’t fitting “under” anything.

Our Generation Dollhouse by Target at Cool Mom Picks

Having walked the aisles of Target about four bazillion times, I’m more than aware of their Our Generation line of dolls and accessories. What really impressed me about the dollhouse, beside the under-$100 price tag, is that this isn’t particle board or plastic, but real wood. Real, heavy wood. Tip your friendly UPS driver a little extra this year if you order this.

Our Generation Horse Barn at Cool Mom Picks

Would your child prefer a house for their horses over their dolls? Check out Our Generation’s Horse Barn, which is so adorable, the nine-year-old inside me squealed when I saw it. And this is also really nicely made, although keep in mind that there are loads of plastic accessories to go with it.

No, these are not hand-crafted pieces, though there are loads of fine Etsy crafters who will be happy to make you furniture for your unfurnished home. I also wish they had chosen any color over pink for an accent. But given how much time my niece will spend playing with this house and stable, I’m thrilled to give her another good reason to creatively play with her dolls. And my nine-year-old self might occasionally sit down and join her. -Christina

Find the Our Generation Wooden Dollhouse and the Our Generation Horse Barn at Target.