You know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and the rest, but now there’s a reindeer lovelier than all of them. (I know I haven’t technically seen any of them, but surely it’s tough to look good after a day spent traveling around the world.) CMP fave Paloma’s Nest has a custom Christmas ornament so simple and beautiful, I think even Rudolph might soon have competition for most famous reindeer of all.

Their Personalized Reindeer Ornament would be such a lovely addition to a family Christmas tree this year. Cut from a piece of wood and bedecked in a crisp, cotton ribbon that can be stamped with just about anything you’d like, this fellow would be a perfect gift for a teacher, a boss, or just for yourself, as I’m tempted to do.

I did find the price a little higher than I expected, but knowing this is a handmade gift that will be a keepsake for anyone who receives it makes the price easier to justify.

Plus, when this reindeer usurps Rudolph’s celebrity status someday, won’t it feel good to be able to tell everyone you knew him when?

Check off a few items on your Christmas list with a gorgeous Personalized Reindeer Ornament from the Paloma’s Nest Etsy shop. Fellow Canadians beware, though: shipping is steep!

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