If you’re like us, then you’re already swimming in holiday to-do lists. With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah running right into December, we’re feeling a little behind. Or actually a lot. And so, we look for holiday shopping tips and lists to help us out. But as much as we love pre-made lists, they’re definitely not one-type fits all, which means we use them for a few days and then often end up ditching them.

You too?

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about our new collaboration with Springpad, who we’ve loved even before they became one of our favorite brand partners to work with. Today they’re launching new Notebook templates with organization and shopping experts, including us, offering free planners to make your life so much easier. Seriously, can you hear us cheering?

Springpad Cool Mom Picks Holiday Shopping Guide Notebook Survival Template


Now if you’re not familiar with Springpad, get ready for life-changing awesome. It’s more powerful than Pinterest and more visual than Evernote–just clip an item to your “notebook” on the web or the mobile app, then watch as so much info is automatically uploaded and saved right there for you onto their site or their free mobile app (iOS and Android). And now with their new customizable notebook templates, you can create your own lists or planners just the way you want, from meal planning and organization to shopping (which is where we come in), with just a couple of simple clicks.

Check out our Holiday Shopping Survival Guide template which allows you to browse, shop, and then mark people off your list. We’ve even made suggestions for people that you might accidentally overlook–the babysitter, the dog walker, your BFF’s kid. Hey, we’ve done it ourselves. No judgments.

Springpad Mobile App featuring Cool Mom Picks Holiday Shopping Planner

What’s so awesome is that you can choose exactly what you want in your notebook; follow the expert’s ideas and suggestions to a tee, or just use them as a jumping off point. Your notebook will be whatever you want it to be.

Along with our own Holiday Shopping Survival Guide, you’ll find a slew of other helpful notebook templates, like a Holiday Organization Notebook Template from Peter Walsh. (Love him!) And we’re using the Holiday Meal planning notebook template from Breville ourselves which is really smart.

Peter Walsh holiday organization planner with Springpad

Breville holiday meal planner notebook template with Springpad

If you’re worried about adding another tech “thing” into your life, especially during this time of year, trust us that this makes your life easier, not more complicated. That’s why we use it ourselves.

Join Springpad free and download their mobile app to access their new Notebook Templates. Be sure to check out our holiday shopping survival guide. And thanks to the amazing folks at Springpad for being such an awesome sponsor, and helping make our lives way easier and way cooler.

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