Nanny always said sweet tea is the thing for frayed nerves. (And we think Black Friday weekend might fit the bill, eh?) That means elegant teas are a fantastic gift for the holidays, especially when troublesome relatives like Cousin Isobel are involved. If you have a Downton Abbey fan in your life, they’ll be sure to enjoy a hot cuppa inspired by everyone’s favorite period drama. And it’s perfect to sip on a weekend — whatever that is.

The new Downton Abbey teas from The Republic of Tea are the perfect gift for the Anglophile or BBC fan on your holiday list. The caffeine-free English Rose Blend is inspired by traditional English desserts and rich with flavors of rose, raspberry, and hibiscus, delicious served hot on a frosty day or cold over ice while watching exciting foreigners on horseback. The Grantham Breakfast Blend, on the other hand, is reminiscent of sticky ginger pudding, thanks to the flavors of a full-bodied Assam tea mixed with organic ginger root. Now you’ll just need to talk someone into playing Mr. Carson and delivering it on a tray while you linger in bed. –Delilah

Find Downton Abbey Teas online at The Republic of Tea. They come in a lovely gift box assortment or buy them individually. Add in a vintage tea cup, box of sugar cubes and even someone as picky as Lady Mary will be charmed.