I’ve always been pretty crafty. Problem is, I’ve also always been kind of unmotivated to gather up all the materials required for said craftiness. So I’ll get these great ideas for homemade holiday gifts and then never follow through. Until now! I’ve found an adorable embroidery DIY calendar kit from Heather Lins Home that will leave me with no excuses but to cross-stitch my heart out as soon I get my hands on it.

The 2014 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit comes with everything you need to stitch your way through the months of the year. All twelve months in sweet, vintage-y red cross-stitching. It’s adorable. And the best part is: no prior embroidery skills are needed to do it. Okay, if you poke yourself repeatedly every time you thread a needle, maybe this kit isn’t for you. But if you’ve always wanted to learn to cross-stitch, doing it on heavy paper like this is a great way to start.

And I love that this kit is also a gift as-is if you happen to know someone who might like to try their hand at embroidery. Stitched or not, though, they’re a perfect gift for a teacher, neighbor, babysitter, or hostess.

As for me, since this little calendar totally reminds me of my projects from years gone by — many, many years, that is — that still hang proudly on my grandma’s wall, I’m thinking it might be a lovely gift to help my kids make for her this Christmas. Maybe their work will pay off and they’ll get a place of honor next to a certain someone’s “I heart Gramma” masterpiece.

The 2014 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit is available at Heather Lins Home, along with a beautiful 2014 Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit and so many other cool home decor items.