We love fun, indulgent gifts from time to time, but sometimes a practical present can be a lifesaver. If you know a pregnant mom who’s experiencing morning sickness, here’s how to be her holiday angel. And don’t worry–you can still place it in an adorable mug and tie it with a big red bow.

Keep It Down Tea by Anna Naturals is specially formulated to help ease nausea and morning sickness, thanks to ginger. But unlike some other morning sickness preparations, the ginger isn’t overwhelming, and the taste is surprisingly fruity and pleasant. It’s a Christmas miracle!

I’m not pregnant– I swear, Mom. But I did have a bad bout of flu over Thanksgiving break, including the usual digestive maladies. I found the herbal tea calming to my system and the flavor not intrusive. In addition to the organic ginger, which tricks your brain out of experiencing nausea, it also includes organic spearmint, lavender, red raspberry leaf, and fruit extracts. I drank it hot with honey to help my sore throat (bonus!), but I expect it would be amazing for sipping on ice, lightly sweetened. And of course, no caffeine.

To be honest, this is a gift to yourself pretty much any time of year.

Find Keep It Down Tea at Anna Naturals. They also have herbal teas geared towards upping energy, helping sleep, easing period pain, and enhancing your chances to conceive, and many other female-specific issues.

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