I had a lovely Christmas wreath once. But then the cat got to it. You can only clean up so much pine barf before your door goes naked. And that’s why I love this fabulous and unexpected take on the traditional door-hanging: it’s natural, but not too natural.

Our pals at Cardboard Safari have taken their laser-cut recycled cardboard creations to the land of the holidays and emerged with a variety of holiday wreaths and tabletop Christmas trees. Each one comes in white or natural brown cardboard and can be easily assembled at home. The white ones can be painted or otherwise decorated with markers, glitter, and other craft supplies, which means the kids will be busy all afternoon. Score!

Cardboard Safari Christmas tree | Cool Mom Picks

Cardboard Safari Holly Wreath | Cool Mom Picks

The only caveat here is that these cardboard wreaths and trees are, naturally, highly flammable, so keep the candles far away. And cardboard can give nasty paper cuts. At least your cat will shred it instead of eating it, right?

Find recycled cardboard wreaths, trees, and more at Cardboard Safari on Etsy. They also have mounted cardboard reindeer heads, but maybe save that for a little bit after Rudolph’s ride.