I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Pair that with an even cuter baby outfit and you’ve got one adorable gift idea for any baby in your life who’s too young for chocolate Santas just yet. Jammies Prêt-à-Porter is an all-in-one gift for a stylish baby, coming in its own recycled, BPA-free plastic jam jar that can later be re-used for coins, crayons, and I suppose jam. But packaging aside, the real sweetness is in the contents inside the jar.


jammies nyc baby clothes | cool mom picks

Each adorable outfit is beautifully made in the U.S., and super soft and cozy for newborn or baby up to 24 lbs. Whether you’re looking for a onesie or a warmer outfit for the colder months, Jammies Prêt-à-Porter has lots of very cute styles all in 100% high-quality cotton, all ultra soft for babies’ sensitive skin.

I love the color choices, which include neutral grays, oatmeals and creams with splashes of color here and there. And I especially appreciate that they’re durable enough for those crawling, scooting and cruising older tots; I’d imagine those elbow and knee pads are probably less to protect the baby and more for style. Or maybe to keep the outfit in hand-me-down shape.

jammies pret-a-porter baby clothes in jam jars | cool mom picksAnd that leads me to the one sticking point: these are definitely a splurge. A big splurge.

Prices start at $46 for an organic cotton bodysuit, up to $69 for a two-piece outfit. (I know, I know.) It’s definitely a lot to spend on an outfit that will last for such a short time. Which is why I hope you have a generous friend who’s not looking at price tags when it comes to sending cute baby gifts. And I also hope you have a second (or third) baby to hand it down to one day.

Jammies Prêt-à-Porter are available directly from the company’s website with free shipping in the US. Order by 12/20 for Christmas delivery.