As much as I love loving, sweet, from-the-heart holiday greetings, there are those family members of mine I can always count on to send the funniest Christmas cards. Here, 15 cards that made me laugh out loud. No guarantees we have the same sense of humor — but I do promise you no fart jokes, fruitcake references, or allusions to Christmas balls of any sort.


Above: Christmastopher Walken Christmas Card ($4.25, Seas and Peas)
(Just who you want coming down your chimney in the middle of the night.)

Funny Christmas cards | Santa | Cool Mom Picks
I’ve Been Watching You Christmas Card ($5, Finch and Hare)

Funny Christmas cards | Hot Cocoa | Cool Mom Picks
Hot Cocoa Christmas Card ($2.50, Uncooked)

Funny Christmas cards | Emoticon Santa  | Cool Mom Picks
Emoticon Christmas Card ($4, Trump Cards)

Funny Christmas cards | Mistletoe | Cool Mom Picks
Mistletoe Christmas Card ($5, Hairbrained Schemes)

Funny Christmas cards | Mary ChrisNAS | Cool Mom Picks
Hip-Hop Christmas Card ($4, Paper Michelle)

Funny christmas card | Shopping | Cool Mom Picks
Shopping for His Family Christmas Card ($3, Alternate Greetings)

Funny Christmas cards | Ho Ho Ho | Cool Mom Picks
Ho Christmas Card ($5, Sadshop)

Funny christmas cards | Touch my Elf | cool mom picks
Touch My Elf Christmas Card ($4.60, Sylvan Nest)

Funny Christmas cards | Holiday Breakdown | Cool Mom Picks
Holiday Breakdown Christmas Card ($4, Cheeky Kumquat)

Funny Christmas cards | Fat Pants | Cool Mom Picks
Fat Pants Christmas Card  ($1.56, Stuff Anna Loves)

Funny Christmas cards | Frisky Reindeer | Cool Mom Picks
Frisky Reindeer Letterpress Card ($3.99 Guttersnipe Press)

Funny Christmas cards | Considering Your Family | Cool Mom Picks
Considering Your Family ($2.50, Uncooked)

Funny Christmas cards | Ginjas | Cool Mom Picks
Gingas Christmas Card ($4, Mudsplash Studios)

Funny Christmas cards | More Sleigh Bell | Cool Mom Picks
More Sleighbell Christmas Card ($4.25, Seas and Peas)
Couldn’t resist.