My girls have vowed to stay up late enough to see the ball drop this New Year’s Eve, but their plans are bigger than that. Evidently they have also planned to dress up, wear fancy shoes, and I think I heard murmuring about tiaras (and knowing my youngest, a Griffindor robe to top it all off). Fortunately we’ve got another few years until they ask for champagne, but I do know where to get the fancy shoes.

Joyfolie is a mom-run shop that made the leap from a small Etsy shop and now makes quite the selection of dress shoes for toddlers through Y6. Look around the shop for lots of interesting if splurgey options. While some get a little frou-frou for me with lots of sequins and big floral flourishes, the velvet Lilah shoes have a nice vintage feel to them and I think the pink is really fun. I also like the tasseled girls’ loafers which are shaped more like a driving shoe, and could be really classic.

Also? Yay for no heels for little girls.

Joyfolie girls' red dress shoes | Cool Mom Picks

It’s the Revaline red girls’ dress shoes however, with the big red rosette on the toe, that my daughters are squabbling over. It’s a little late for Christmas (and not quite seasonally appropriate in my neck of the woods) but these fabric-covered dress shoes would be picked first on New Year’s Eve, straight through Valentine’s Day and every other fancy occasion from Easter to Mother’s Day. They come with a matching rosette hair clip, and though I’m not a big fan of matchy-matchy accessories, it would be cute to save as a small gift for someone else, or to let your daughter wear on non-rosette shoe days.

Caveat: the shoes run roughly a size large from what I can tell; we were sent a pair for review and the 11 fits my 12-wearing daughter with a little room to spare. Which is fine. Because I know she’ll want to wear those red shoes again by this time next year and probably every day in between.

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