I have a little boy who never stops making noise. Like, ever. I know, I know, being noisy is a common affliction among little kids. It’s their thing. And though it can drive me crazy when I haven’t yet had a full cup of coffee, I think my little guy’s noises are actually pretty darned adorable.

Naturally, I was charmed by Tom Gauld’s Noisy Alphabet print, featuring all sorts of creatures and the nonsensical noises they make. Instead of A with the ubiquitous red apple, there’s a one-eyed monster bellowing AARG. P features a spring-loaded cube, bouncing along to the sound effect POING. And Y includes several four-legged critters climbing on each other as they YIP YIP YIP YIP.

I want to buy one for every noisy, excellent kid I know. Which is pretty much all of them, right?

Find the Noisy Alphabet print on Tom Gauld’s website.


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