They’ve been telling us for years that stability balls (or yoga balls) are the way to go for better posture and concentration, but if you’ve tried to use one, you know that they tend to roll all over the place, take up a lot of space, pick up filth like fly tape, and turn into a toy for tiny people and four-legged friends.

Good news, everybody: The ErgoErgo chair gives your kids–and you–all the benefits of a stability ball without the sticky-roly-poly-playfulness. And it’s cute, too.


The ErgoErgo is an adorable way to include active sitting in your lifestyle, which sounds awfully promising if you spend most of your day in a chair writing, like I do. Instead of crouching in a hard chair that can hinder circulation, the ErgoErgo acts like a stability ball and causes you to constantly wobble, keeping your core muscles engaged and maximizing your comfort — or at least, that’s what their website promises.

With kids, that means that instead of sitting in a hard chair and wiggling to distraction, they constantly wiggle to stay focused and therefore increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Um, sold?

The ErgoErgo is made of recyclable technopolymer and comes in black and bright red for adults, while the kids’ version is smaller and available in six colors. Adorable little dude in 3-D glasses not included.

Read more about the ErgoErgo active sitting chair at their main site and buy one in the ErgoErgo shop.


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