Gray skies, dirty snow, and drippy slush of winter? I reject you. Give me color and shine! Especially if it arrives in the form of these vibrant, mod, ceramic dishes by Ceramica Botanica. Handcrafted in Texas by Susan Rodriguez, each ceramic work of art is hand built of clay and decorated with stencils and slips before firing to a food-safe shine. The artist calls the collection Modern Retro. We call it deliciously bright. Imagine the black and white bowl filled with apples and oranges.


Ceramica Botanica mod retro clay bowl | Cool Mom Picks

Ceramica Botanica retro ceramic plates | Cool Mom Picks

Ceramica Botanica clay vase | Cool Mom Picks

Ceramica Botanica vibrant mod clay platter | Cool Mom Picks

Ceramica Botanica raindrop clay plate | Cool Mom Picks

We kind of want everything at this shop. And there’s a lot, so that’s saying something.

Find handmade ceramic plates, platters, bowls, vases and more in a rainbow of colors at Ceramica Botanica on Etsy.


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