What kind of cruel punishment is it that parents, with the brain fog that comes from raising children, are expected to compete with their kids’ fresh brains in memory games? We featured scented memory games and modern art memory games, but they usually end up with the same outcome for me: loss. My kids crush me every time.

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So how much more wonderful will it be to lose if we’re playing Paper Culture‘s beautiful new custom photo memory game? Simply upload 16 of your favorite pictures and pick out a cool design for the back of the cards (we loved the whales). They arrive in a cute little tube that could be stashed anywhere, even in your bag for travel and restaurants.

The cards are made of very heavy-duty card stock, so they won’t be destroyed after two games. I can think of lots of ideas for putting together your own game–as a trip memento with vacation pictures, a kindergarten graduation gift with a year’s worth of school photos, or special pictures with friends that you could give as a birthday gift.

We decided to go with a holiday theme, and picked our favorite holiday pictures from over the years. That way I get extra wistful every time I play and see those baby faces underneath the Christmas tree. But hey, at least I’m not crying because I’m losing 0-16.

Cool Mom Picks readers can use the code SAVENOW for 15% off Paper Culture’s Memory Game.  Plus Paper Culture plants a tree with every order which is awesome. 


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