Ever dreamt about dropping everything to eat your way across the USA, or is that just me? For my fellow food explorers, we’ve got just the site for you. Goldbely  is a new online marketplace that makes the most legendary regional foods available to anyone across the United States. Yum.

It may not be the same as leaving the kids (you know, just for a few days) and dining out every meal, but it hits the spot when you’re craving a real-deal Philly cheese steak or, in my case, a slice of Candy Bar Pie (below) from my beloved NYC Momofuku Milk Bar.

Goldbelly was started by folks on a mission to connect curious eaters with America’s best gourmet food providers. And by gourmet, they mean delicious. Goldbely is not really about fancy foods, unless of course, you consider deep dish pizza fancy. (Totally legit.) They are about discovering the most unique and delicious American foods our great land has to offer and making sure that everyone who wants a taste gets one.

momofuku milk bar candy bar pie | cool mom picks


The site allows you to explore their eats by taste–like sweets, pies, coffee–or  by region. They’ve also created gift categories that make it easy to send your ex-New Yorker friend her favorite bagels from Zabar’s or the infamous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes; or send  your favorite Southern transplant a taste of home in the form of a Praline Layer Cake from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. You can also get your hands on real Kansas City ribs or compare with wings from the home of Buffalo’s original.

Personally, I’ve been craving a Chicago-style hot dog since visiting the windy city back in November and cannot wait to get my hands on a Chicago-style dog kit from the original Vienna Beef Hot Dog company, complete with real sport peppers.

(I’ve made Chicago-style hot dogs with ingredients I can find in Brooklyn, but it’s not the same as the real deal.)

Can you tell that I’m psyched about this site?

One of my favorite things about Goldbely is that they want to hear from us. Live near some amazing artisanal food producer or spy a gap in their curation of noteworthy regional American foods? Just email and let them know what they are missing. So you won’t be missing it either.

Visit Goldbely for terrific food gifts from all over the country. Items are sent directly from the purveyor, so quantities and shipping timelines vary, with perishable items arriving more quickly. US orders only at this time.