These might be the coolest pushpins we’ve ever seen–no lie. And they’re handcrafted with the same care Gepetto used bringing Pinocchio to life. The good news is that instead of running around, causing mischief with a cricket and smoking cigars, these Real Boy Pins just look cute on your cork board, holding up your notes.

Each pack of two Real Boy Pins from the Duncan Shotton Design Studio are cast in Cornwall, UK then sent to Tokyo, where they’re cleaned up with X-acto knives and painted by hand with exquisite details. Then they’re packaged with hand-cut cork and individually signed and numbered before arriving at your door. Which is a whole lot of care for something that made to thrust, nose first, into a grocery list. Or a classroom bulletin board, making them a cool teacher gift too.

Real Boy Pins by Duncan Shotton Design Studio | Cool Mom Picks

They’re pricey and ship from the UK, but at night they’ll come to life and run away with Polly Pocket in a Matchbox car.

That might be a lie.

Find Real Boy Pins at Duncan Shotton Design Studio. or from dschott on Etsy. Each set is £8.0 or $14.50 US because they’re made of solid gold. Oops. Another lie.

[h/t design for mini kind]