Getting my kids to wear socks indoors takes some serious convincing on my part. They love being being barefoot regardless of how cold the floor is. But the new animal rival Vs. Socks for kids from Hooray Hoopla have finally given them reason to keep their socks on.

We (along with countless celeb kids, if you follow such things) are already big fans of the Vs mittens and now their new collection of socks is taking the battle to the ground with mismatched pairs of owl vs. mouse, lion vs. tiger, and shark vs. penguin. Though that last one makes me a little sad if I think about it too much.

Vs. Socks Dolphin vs. Fish | Cool Mom Picks


Vs. Socks for girls from Hooray Hoopla | Cool Mom Picks
The kids’ socks are a comfy cotton-poly blend with a little spandex, plus non-skid grips on the bottom. They come in packs of three and are divided by girls and boys. I’m not quite sure why the three packs are gender specific, though–I’ve met a lot of little girls who are way into dinosaurs and little boys who love dogs and cats. My advice is to just get your kids the socks, and toss the box before they see it. After all, a tiger-kitten matchup is pretty cool.

Another awesome perk? Losing one in the laundry won’t matter since these socks are made for mixing. Still, don’t lose them. They’re too cute to be stranded alone in a dryer somewhere.

Vs Socks from Hooray Hoopla are $14.99 for a pack of three pairs. The socks fit ages 4-8. Shop them on

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