I may in fact be the very last parent to come around on the Twilight Turtle from Cloud B, and its myriad night light variations. But after seeing a few children absolutely go from panicked to peaceful at night with this thing by their bedside, I’m converted. Even more so now that I’ve gotten to check out some of Cloud B’s new offerings at Toy Fair 2014, starting with a plush adaptation of the Twinkles to Go Octo (above) called the Cloud B Octo Softeez Nightlight.

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Cloud B nightlight - plush octopus at Toy Fair 2014 | Cool Mom Picks

I love this soon-to-be-released night light which is far more compact than the original turtle or ladybug. Plus the design is just plain cute, with a plush body that makes him cuddle-ready. When the lights are out, it glows gently while projecting real constellations on the ceiling, and can cycle through a series of colors or lock on one depending on what works best for your child. After 45 minutes it shuts off and by then–if you’re lucky–sweet dreams.

It will eat those 3 AAA batteries fairly well from what I’ve seen so it would be nice to have a charging option; but at least this way it’s easy for kids to take him to bed or carry him around themselves.


Cloud B plush fox night light at Toy Fair 2014 | Cool Mom Picks

Also keep an eye out for new plush-night light hybrid toys like the adorable fox, which kids can more easily sleep with than the hard-shell turtle or ladybug. (And we all know how hot foxes are.) Also, a  plush frog prince is headed to stores which the company is clearly banking on being their hottest release. It’s a night light-sound machine-plush hybrid, with a little belly that twinkles as if it’s been snacking on fireflies. That’s either super cute or a little morbid depending on how much your kids think about biology.  Personally, I’m putting my money on that awesome octopus.

Find the new Cloud B octopus night light and the Cloud B Octo Softeez Nightlight on Amazon or your local indie toy store.