Even though we are way past the baby stage at our house, we still do a lot of laundry. I cringe at what I’m doing to the environment (and possibly our clothes) when I forgo natural laundry detergent, let alone tossing in another load of chlorine-soaked swim towels.

Better Life is one of those brands whose natural cleaning products we just can’t recommend enough, and thanks to their new Spin Credible laundry detergent, I’m feeling a lot better about doing the laundry. It’s got none of the yucky ingredients like sulfates or petroleum, and all of the good ones that are plant-derived and biodegradable. The lemon-lavender scent is nice but there’s an unscented if that’s your preference. It’s also ultra mega concentrated, so you don’t have to use so much of it–which can gum up the works in HE machines anyway.

All of that is great, but does it get the job done? Absolutely. And not all natural detergents do. But in this case, my bionic sniffer and eagle eyes couldn’t detect a hint of ickiness left behind on any of the loads I did with Spin Credible. Nope, not even the one with my running tights and my husband’s gym shorts. And that is pretty amazing, trust me.

Find Spin Credible natural laundry detergent,  on the Better life website or at our affiliate Amazon

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