One of the first things I did when I started working again was hire a house cleaner, so when I needed to test Better Life’s natural cleaning products, I called in the pros to try them out. Of course my request was initially met with skepticism by my professional house cleaners: Evidently lots of their clients hand them all-natural products and the results are never quite as good as the chemical stuff, as most of us know.

But with Better Life’s amazing smelling What-Ever! all natural all-purpose cleaner, they liked it! They really liked it!

What-Ever! (exclamation point theirs) is easier on your skin and lungs and does the job as effortlessly as the mass brands. Same goes for Simply Floored! which picked up all the grime from my hardwoods, and the gently effective Even the Kitchen Sink scrubber also got enthusiastic thumbs up.

Better Life's What Ever!

Better Life’s clever array of green household cleaning products also include an eco-friendly glass cleaner and a “poop, pee, puke” spray called 2AM Miracle which, thankfully, I did not have occasion to test.

I love that they were created by two dads–one a chemist, who really wanted to keep scary chemicals away from kids, pets, and marine life as they make their way into the water supply. Anyone who makes sure their products won’t interfere with the reproductive systems of frogs has definitely covered their bases in my opinion. –Christina

Better Life’s complete line of green cleaning products are available at places like, and more stores every day.