My kids do really well drinking out of actual cups, but sippies and cups with straws are a fixture for my little ones who still tend to spill a little. Or, on bad days, more than they actually get in their mouths. That’s why I’m really digging the clever new SipSnap lids by Double Double.

This Kickstarter campaign (get in now!) is introducing SipSnap silicone lids stretch to fit over the top of any kind of cup, turning it into a kids’ drinking cup instantly. I’ve actually tried to do something similar by pairing random lids with cups I have around, but as you might guess, that uh, doesn’t work so well. SipSnap really seems to have mastered it. So smart!

SipSnap DIY drinking cup lids for kids | cool mom picks

Drinking cups for kids: SipSnap by Double Double | cool mom picks


There are different lids for kids of different ages, like SipSnap TOT sippy lids with a harder silicone, chew-resistant spout; plus a KID version which is a top with a hole for a straw. Nice touch: they’ve all got roll-stop bumpers, so if they cup happens to fall, it won’t keep going and going. Plus, lots of bright colors for your kids to fight over. Ha.

Truth be told, I’d even use the SipSnap to turn my own cup into a to-go cup, and say goodbye to spills from travel mugs with mismatched lids. And really? Anything to ditch the plastic drinking cups for kids I’ve got stuffed in cabinets and drawers.  Sign me up.

You can learn more about SipSnap by Double Double on their Kickstarter page. They’ve already made their goal, but you’ve got a few more weeks support them and get in on a set of three plus carrying case, for a donation of $20.