Yes, this is way more than I’d normally think to spend on a trash can. And yes, you have to have exactly the right place for it. But how awesome looking is the Wesco Spaceboy Trash Can? I first saw it on in this gorgeous almond color, though since then I’ve tracked it down for a little less at Amazon in red, orange, or space-age silver.

I think the powder-coated steel can would look terrific in a modern kitchen, but obviously it’s perfect for a playroom. Especially where there’s a whole lot of crafting going on and you’d rather not be taking out the trash three times a day like I do thanks to my teeny, apartment-size waste basket.

Yeah, extra-tall trash cans. Add that to the covet list of city-dwellers, along with laundry rooms, backyards, and a second bathtub.

Find the Wesco Spaceboy Trash Can in multiple colors at our affiliate Amazon, or on if you’ve got some credits to spare there. 




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