Don’t be a Vader hater–these rad Star Wars Darth Vader shoes for kids rule the galaxy with benevolent coolness. Plus they’re well-made and will actually last until your kid grows out of them.

The Vader Slip-On Shoes from Stride Rite have a canvas upper and flexible sole and come in sizes for toddlers through young kids. I really like the way the red and black is stylish and classically Star Wars but not too “Hey, giant logos everywhere!” Vader’s helmet and red-and-black color scheme are iconic enough on their own, with little flashes of the Death Star on the sides. And I know they would appeal to both my daughter and my son, which is always a bonus since we’re equal opportunity Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Darth Vader slip-on sneaks for toddlers and kids - Stride Rite | Cool Mom Picks

My only minor quibble: I wish the toe-guards were black, as that white is sure to get messy fast, and we know how the Empire feels about that. Or maybe I just want the entire shoe to embrace the dark side.

Find Slip-On Darth Vader Shoes for Kids from Stride Rite’s Star War shoe collection. They also have R2D2 shoes and Yoda shoes. But where’s the Boba Fett?