I have the hardest time getting my night owl daughter up for school in the mornings. She likes to come visit us most nights around 2 AM, so when morning comes around she’s too tired to get up and dressed for kindergarten. The trick that’s working for me—for this week, at least—is Pop-Clock, a super-fun alarm clock for kids.

You might be familiar with the Clocky alarm clock for older kids, and now Pop-Clock is  made just for younger ones just learning to get out of bed by themselves. When the alarm goes off, the creature’s head goes flying across the room and a whirring, boom-boom chicka kind of noise goes off, which isn’t a threatening siren sound like most alarms. The alarm only stops when your kid gets out of bed and puts the head back on the Pop-Clock, a move that also resets it for the next day.

Pop-Clock comes in four bright, friendly colors with clever little sleepy faces on them.  Best of all, I am way less likely to climb the stairs six times to beg my daughter to get out of bed.

Find the Pop-Clock alarm clock for kids on their website for $24.99.


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