While we tend to giggle at the cliché of “World’s Greatest Mom” mugs around here, the truth is, anything our kids get us (or make us) at all is appreciated. Mother’s Day in particular is one time of year that sappy and sentimental is on the mark.

This mug, however, is not one of those.

I love this funny mom mug that reads Behind every great kid is a mom who’s sure she’s screwing it up. It’s the most perfect reminder to yourself that you’re doing okay–and if you’re not sure about that, at least you’re in plenty of company. Or make it a Mother’s Day gift for your own mom, to let her know that now that you have kids yourself, you get it. Big time.

Find the Behind every great kid…mug on Etsy from Avonnie Studio and order by 4/30 for Mother’s Day delivery. She also accepts custom orders, should you have an even funnier–or sweeter–line in mind, or want to personalize it with a name.