I often talk to the kids about why it’s so important to keep our neighborhood and parks clean by recycling or picking up trash we find on the sidewalk. And this Earth Day, I love that Cool Mom Picks favorite Green Toys is reminding us how important it is to take care of our oceans and waterways too.

Green Toys’ Safe Seas Sets, created in conjunction with the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf, pairs a fun biplane toy or submarine toy with the paperback All the Way to the Ocean which will get kids thinking about how little actions–like tossing a gum wrapper into the street’s storm drain–can cause big problems for all our friends in the sea. And how big problems far out in the ocean could impact the beach they cannot wait to visit this summer.

Like the many other U.S.-made Green Toys we’ve featured over the years, both the biplane and submarine are made from 100% recycled milk jugs which are molded to form a tough toy. Either one of them is ready to take on  some heavy-duty playing both indoors and out, and, as you might guess, these toys really like to play in the water, just like my kids.

Green Toys’ Safe Seas Sets are available at Green Toys and at our affiliate Amazon. You can also purchase a hardcover copy of All the Way to the Ocean direct from the publisher.