The only downside to my newfound coffee geekery is that some mornings I just don’t have time to grind, brew, and enjoy the amazing cup of coffee that I need so badly to function. Quick, crappy coffee just won’t do anymore. But the substitute I’ve found is almost as good as the original. Awake Chocolate is a game changer.

True story: the day Awake Chocolate sent me a box of samples, I dove right in before reading their adorable packaging. Turns out that amazingly yummy Caramel Chocolate bar is the equivalent of a full cup of coffee. Oops. I was up all night.

Now I’m more careful and tend to enjoy a couple of squares in the morning to get me through my second grader’s 6:22 a.m. wake-up call. That way, I’m alert enough to pack her lunch and can wait to make and enjoy my coffee once she’s safely off. Ahh.

I’m a big fan of Awake’s Caramel Chocolate bars– yes, plural– because they must read my tweets about it and somehow sent a whole box for me to try out. I also dig their Milk Chocolate bites, which are each worth half a cup of coffee and shaped like their cute logo mascot, Nevil the owl. The chocolate isn’t as fancy as some of the gourmet  chocolates I’ve covered, but it’s good enough for me and melts in my mouth at an appropriate rate. The hardest part, honestly, is holding myself back from eating a ton of it and going into manic-shaky-crazy-up-all-night mode. Can you think of a more perfect gift for sleep-deprived new parents?

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Bar | Cool Mom Picks

My only concern? The ingredients aren’t as natural as I would prefer. There’s some artificial stuff and sorbitol hiding in there. And those luscious Caramel bars are printed with the words Contains Yellow 5, which is on my no-no list. Can we drop that? I’m not buying it for the color, Nevil. But it’s up to you whether you have the same concerns. And honestly, when you don’t have time for coffee, this caffeinated chocolate could be your new best friend. And your new best friend is delicious.

Find Awake caffeinated chocolate in bulk at our affiliate Amazon or visit to the Awake Chocolate website and click on Where to Buy to find a store near you.