I’ve seen my fair share of personalized jewelry for moms, and I tend to lean towards more unique pieces that don’t have me wearing my kids’ engraved names, birth dates, and shoe sizes around my neck. (Well, maybe one, but not all three together.) That’s why think these Morse code name necklaces is a spectacular addition to my Mother’s Day wish list.

It turns out that Morse code translates exquisitely into jewelry. Just choose your color and length of silk cord, plus a name, and artist Rebecca Coagan Sharlatt will turn it into a beautiful necklace of gold-filled dots and dashes. If you’ve got a couple of kids, you could wear two necklaces at different lengths for a cool layering effect; or take a peek at the Morse code message necklaces for those of us who have lots of kids, lots to say, or both.

Personalized jewelry for moms: Morse code message necklace | Cool Mom Picks

Whatever you choose, you’ll know exactly what your necklace is saying, while everyone else will just think it’s a great statement piece. That’s the kind of undercover coolness I adore.

You can purchase the personalized morse code name necklace and lots of other unique personalized jewelry and gifts at Bespoke Custom Gifts just in time for Mother’s Day.