As an outspoken proponent of healthy, homemade family food, I often find myself dispelling the myth that my family and I live on quinoa and kale alone. Though we’re fans of both (well, most of us), we also love burgers, pizza, and, like plenty of American families, chicken nuggets. Our key to enjoying these foods is to make them at home where I can use fresh, whole ingredients and less sugar, fat, and salt than what you might find at your local drive-thru. If you want to try the same, keep it easy and delicious with these  5 ideas for healthy chicken nugget recipes.


Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets recipe at Rasa Malaysia | Cool Mom PicksI love a good twist on a classic, but when it comes to chicken nuggets you’ve got to start with the basics, like these gorgeous Baked Chicken Nuggets (also at very top) from Rasa Malaysia. Chicken, panko bread crumbs, a little parmesan, and my own oven equal a perfect homemade happy meal.


Baked Chicken Nugget recipes at The Endless Meal | Cool Mom Picks

This healthy version of Baked Chicken Nuggets from The Endless Meal is even more simple, and cheese-free, too.


Healthy Buffalo Chicken Nuggets at The Stay At Home Chef

I love Buffalo chicken in nearly any form, so these healthy Baked Buffalo Chicken Nuggets from The Stay At Home Chef are calling my name. I’m not sure I’m doing much for my game day buffalo wing street cred by sharing a chicken nugget recipe that calls for wheat germ and flax seed, but it’s so good!


Chicken Nuggets with Veggies recipe at Cheeky Kitchen

These healthy Chicken Nuggets from Cheeky Kitchen have a secret: they are also packed with veggies. Instead of using chicken breast meat, Brooke uses ground chicken and pureed veggies to make healthy patties that bake up crispy in the oven. Bonus: you can also shape them with a cookie cutter which always improves consumption by at least 100%.


Baked Gluten-Free Coconut Chicken Nuggets recipe at Noshtopia

These delicious Baked Coconut Chicken Nuggets from Noshtopia are egg- and gluten-free thanks to an inspired breading made of Popchips. Move over corn flakes. There’s a new, genius chicken nugget ingredient in town.