We were so excited when we discovered Lottie, a doll who skips the stilettos and miniskirts (and curves) for clothes that look like what an actual kid would wear. Lottie comes with lots of skin and hair colors and has oodles of outfits and activities from martial arts to horseback riding to butterfly-catching. Until now, she didn’t have a superhero costume, but that’s about to change.

Until May 7, kids can help design Lottie’s superhero persona, and one winner will see her costume actually made for Lottie dolls everywhere.

Lottie doll superhero costume design contest

We love Lottie, and we can’t wait to find out what her superpowers are. And we imagine your kids have some pretty good ideas. To enter the competition, you have to Like the Lottie Facebook page, then download the template and have your kid–ten and under–follow the directions. You’ve got until May 7. Unless for some reason Lottie’s new superpower will be the power to transcend time and space.

But hey, as far as we’re concerned, being a realistic doll and role model for girls is already a superpower.

Like the Lottie Facebook page for more information or to enter to design a girl superhero doll. Check out our post on Lottie to learn more about why we like her so much.