Mother’s Day is over, but we’d be proud to wear this Two Letter Hidden Message Necklace from Beth Macri on any day of the year. Plus, any day is a good day to give a sweet gift to a new parent, a grandparent, a friend in need of a boost, or, um, the eternally patient mom who ended up with a drugstore card and an IOU last Sunday.

Ordering is easy. Just select a chain and any two letters or symbols you’d like, each in silver, gold vermeil, or rose gold vermeil.  The pendants looks like a simple geometric design as they dangle, but the message is revealed when you hold them up. Genius!

The only question left is what to say to your recipient. “XO” is a lovely, classic message. Other great options are her initials or the first letters of the kids’ names. Go for GG for a great grandmother, or #1 for a #1 Aunt. If you really want to go for the hidden message potential, pick a secret code only you two know–or make one up to share with her. No one will know unless the wearer chooses to share.

Sometimes jewelry doesn’t have to be big and bold to make a statement. I know what I’d like my hidden message necklace to say–but I’ll never tell.

Customize your own Two Letter Hidden Message Necklace at the Beth Macri site. Prices start at $205, and the gold vermeil options cost $10 more per letter.