We definitely want our kids to know that Memorial Day isn’t just about burgers, swimming, and a day off from school, but rather, the military service from people who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom. We thought this easy Memorial Day craft for kids is the perfect way to show them.

These DIY patriotic rocks from our friends at Kiwi Crate present a nice opportunity to take a break from the heat and chat with your kids about what Memorial Day is really all about. And even better, no need to make a run to the art supply store–all you need are some rocks from the backyard and paint. Simple. What a cool centerpiece decoration for your picnic table that you’ll get to use all summer long too. July 4th isn’t that far away, mamas.

See the full instructions for the painted patriotic rocks craft at Kiwi Crate. And a huge thank you to all the service men and women (and their families) who have served and still do serve our country, from the entire Cool Mom Picks team.