If you feel the way I feel about Birkenstocks, then you’ll be very happy to see I’ve got some stylish Birkenstock alternatives for you. Oh don’t get me wrong, I wore them proudly 15 years ago, but these days, I’m not so sure I can pull them off as well. Even though I know I’m seeing them on the feet of all my cooler-than-me friends. I guess they’re the kind of thing that are either you…or they’re not.

So since Birks are super comfortable and very on trend, so I decided to round up  5 cool sandals that let you ride the trend without going all the way.  Just do me one favor: No socks, okay?


Cool Birkenstock alternatives: Joie Sable sandal

These Joie Sable sandals are similar in style, but just a bit sleeker thanks to the metallic leather and the flatter sole. Perfect with shorts or even with a long skirt or maxi dress.

Cool Birkenstock alternatives: Kate Spade Attitude sandals

I’m really digging Kate Spade’s twist on the Birkenstock style, especially the single buckle and the ever-so-slight heel. The Kate Spade Attitude slide sandal is definitely pricier than actual Birkenstocks, but easily worn for lots of summers to come, even after that thick sole look goes back out of style.

Cool Birkenstock alternatives: Loeffler Randall Paz sandal

The Loeffler Randall sandals are pretty close to the real thing, but the pebbled metallic leather and calf hair (what?) set these apart.


Cool Birkenstock alternatives: Dolce Vita Neary sandal

I’ve never gone wrong with a Dolce Vita shoe, and I can’t imagine these Dolce Vita Neary sandals would be any different. I really like the metal detail and python print over the toe, juxtaposed with a slightly more casual heel.

Cool Birkenstock alternatives: United Nude Apollo sandals

I realize that these United Nude apollo flats aren’t slip-ons like traditional Birkenstocks, but some of us like a buckle and a heel back for a little more support when running after kids or missed busses. And for flat sandals, I have to say, these are pretty hot.

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