UPDATE AUGUST 20, 2015: So, it’s been¬†a year now that I’ve been¬†using Mastrad’s Purefizz Soda Maker and suddenly…it just wasn’t working. Ugh. Like, the cap wasn’t fitting correctly and required (i.e. wasted) sometimes 4-5 CO2 chargers to get one bottle that worked. I contacted the company and they have indeed discontinued the product because of some manufacturing problems. However customer service is extremely responsive, and if you own a Purefizz Soda Maker and are experiencing¬†issues, I suggest you contact them too.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Looks like it’s time to finally break down and get a¬†Soda Stream. ¬†-Liz


A DIY soda maker is the kind of thing I’ve been dying to try at home but I wasn’t sure if it was one of those frivolous small appliances that would just take up space on my counter until it ended up in the back of a pantry somewhere. And then I tried the Purefizz Soda maker and behold, for I have a new favorite kitchen activity. Besides licking brownie batter.

The first thing you notice about the Purefizz is that this thing is beautiful. It looks like a sleek, stainless steel carafe which means you can keep it right on the table for serving, or tote it along for picnics or al fresco dining. As for what it does? Magic.

Okay, science. But sometimes the two are kind of the same.


Purefizz Soda Maker by Mastrad | review on Cool Mom Picks
It couldn’t be simpler¬†to carbonate anything at all–not just water like a Sodastream, but white wine, lemonade, juice, or add your own homemade soda syrup¬†to water to make your own¬†soda of all kinds.

My daughter is begging me to try carbonated iced coffee but don’t think that’s on the menu any time soon.

I gave it a shot with some regular Tropicana OJ and I can’t tell you how delicious it was–like homemade Orangina, only better. All you do is pour it in through a funnel (it works best if the liquid is really cold, or add some ice cubes), pop on the top, then you screw in a charger loaded with a C02 cartridge. It kind of feels like putting an air pump in a tire. You press a little button to release the air in the bottle, shake a few times and let it sit for about 3 minutes, then really…that’s it. It takes a moment¬†to¬†figure out the directions the first time but honestly, it’s so easy¬†you could¬†toss the instructions after that. Just remember to release the extra CO2 with the button on top¬†before opening it or have lots of paper towels on hand.

And hallelujah, for cleaning is as easy as cleaning out a carafe; though you might want a good bottle brush if you’re working with anything sweet or sticky.


Homemade lemon verbena syrup recipe via Epicurious

While water juice or wine are obviously the easiest to carbonate, it’s going to be so fun to get creative.¬†I love this recipe for homemade lemon verbena syrup¬†by Anton Nocito on Epicurious to make a sour cherry-lemon verbena soda (and a lot more), or his easy¬†ginger syrup recipe¬†seems so refreshing for summer.

Now¬†one place they get you is with the CO2 cartridges, since only one works per carafe. That said, by all accounts¬†you can really use any¬†standard cartridge at all. Leland C02 soda chargers seem to be well recommended and on amazon, a pack of¬†120 makes them¬†less than $.30 each, which isn’t bad at all for a.75 liter bottle. And I’m happy to know they’re recyclable.

It’s such an awesome¬†hostess gift, a Father’s Day gift for a foodie dad, or even a terrific¬†gift for a mom-to-be who is on the mocktail train for the next 40 weeks or so. ¬†Check back with me in a few months. I have a good feeling mine won’t be in the back of any closet any time soon.

Find the Purefizz Soda maker by Mastrad starting around $64.99 on our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to Mastrad for providing one to CMP for review.