I get so excited about school programs that are innovative and exciting for kids, and one of my favorites is the seed-to-table education offered by Alice Walter’s esteemed Edible Schoolyard program. In New York’s East Harlem neighborhood, where Edible Schoolyard NYC operates, less than 2% of grocery stores have fresh leafy greens available. It’s hard to condemn kids for not eating healthier when they don’t actually have those options available to them.

So SYNYC is doing something about it  by creating schoolyard gardens, and this week they’ve launched an Edible Schoolyard NYC Crowdrise campaign to raise $50,000 to benefit several schools’ gardens. This could really change the health of the kids in these neighborhoods and so we want to help spread the word.


Edible Schoolyard NYC

Edible Schoolyard NYC garden | Cool Mom Picks

The money from this campaign will be for essential supplies like planters, drip irrigation systems, trees, edible plants, and benches all designed by world-class experts. Just look at that garden above: amazing.

But what I like most is that the money will go towards getting top-notch teacher involved who will help the kids come together and learn how to prepare a fresh meal then they all eat as a group. As I’ve learned with my own kids, there’s absolutely no feeling like eating something you’ve grown yourself. It could even be life-changing.

Learn  more about Edible Schoolyard NYC, and donate to their Crowdrise campaign today to support Rooting for Harlem. You can give just $10 and receive an invitation to the opening celebration in September, or donate $250 or more and get an Edible Schoolyard NYC gift bag.