As I approach 35, I realize that I need to face the facts: I am a full-on grown-up. But as I look around our house, I realize that some of our decor and family habits don’t reflect this fact. Knowing that I want to be the family with the pitcher of milk–not the carton–on the breakfast table, I set out on a quest to find just the right piece; the one that said responsible, together, and happy. I think I found it at the Brooklyn-based LEIF webshop.

My ideal sugar and creamer set is fresh, clean, cheery and oh-so-mature–much like everything in this gorgeous shop. This beautiful new collection features the classic Arne Clausen lotus design made famous by the Norwegian artist back in the 60’s.

While the original pieces are still fantastic, the poppy new colors made in collaboration with his grandson update this Scandinavian pattern so perfectly from the original olives and mustards, don’t you think?


Arne Clausen lotus design pitchers on Cool Mom Picks

Lotus Creamer by Arne Clausen at LEIF

Arne Clausen Lotus design updated at LEIF

I could spend hours filling my shopping cart on the Leif site. I’m  just thrilled that I can start with a breakfast table on its way to respectable. Next step: keeping the cereal in the bowl and off the floor.

Shop the Arne Clausen lotus collection and feel free to get distracted by the other stunning home, living and wearable offerings at LEIF.

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